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FIBA Technologies Inc. has secured a contract to supply Australian gas technology integrator ENGV with a high pressure hydrogen storage system for deployment in a new refueling station in Canberra.

The Massachusetts-based high pressure vessel manufacturer is supplying a cascade system consisting of 1,034 bar, 700 bar and 500 bar tubes, each 14’6” in length and with a total payload of 43kg of hydrogen. FIBA also has the capability to manufacture such designs up to 31’ in length with 97kg of H2.

FIBA’s International Sales Manager, Jean-Christophe Poussin, comments:

“Australia’s progressive hydrogen mobility policy and the growth of its infrastructure are models that other countries are observing closely, so securing the ENGV contract is important to FIBA,” says JC. “This is the first Australian hydrogen station to use FIBA’s high pressure storage technology. It is a market where American manufacturing know-how is contributing to the roll out of the hydrogen infrastructure.”

FIBA Technologies Inc has its high pressure gas storage solutions in use at over 135 refueling stations worldwide.  The company’s pressure vessel manufacturing site is in Littleton, MA, USA.  It also has locations across the US, plus one in Taiwan.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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