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Massachusetts-based AGP, one of the leading helium distributors in the US, has invested in four ambient vaporizers and one electric vaporizer from FinnCo, which manufactures a full range of low-pressure, high pressure and pressure-building ambient vaporizers as well as electric vaporizers.

FinnCo’s ambient vaporizers are expandable, modular, stackable and customizable.

AGP delivers various gases, including wholesale bulk and cylinder helium, to customers across the US and overseas via its huge fleet of trailers.  The new FinnCo vaporizer installations will enable AGP to accelerate its capabilities in response to growing customer demand.

AGP’s Matt D’Auria explains:  “AGP has an investment program that has seen our fleet, our workforce and our production capacity all increase as the need for our gases has grown.  The investment in FinnCo’s vaporizers is a major step forward in that program.”

AGP has installed one 72 KW electric vaporizer with a MAWP of 400 PSI.  The four ambient vaporizers are each 20’ in height with a capacity of 25,000 SCFH, operating up to a pressure of 6,000 PSI.

FinnCo Director, Chris Finn, comments: “This AGP installation is a key contract for FinnCo, given AGP’s reputation and profile.

“FinnCo has moved into a fully-refurbished 10,000 sq ft facility in Louisville, Kentucky to ramp up its manufacturing capabilities.  We are now investing in materials and workforce to keep up with demand.”

FinnCo is the vaporizer manufacturing arm of leading high pressure gas storage and transportation solutions provider, FIBA Technologies Inc.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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