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Super Jumbo helium trailerMassachusetts-based AGP, one of the leading helium distributors in the US, has invested in 10 new Super-Jumbo Tube Trailers to be manufactured by FIBA Technologies. AGP delivers various gases, including wholesale bulk and cylinder helium, to customers across the US and overseas via its large fleet of trailers.

FIBA Technologies Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure gas storage and transportation vessels, is experiencing a surge in demand for gaseous trailers.

The new FIBA trailers will enable AGP to accelerate its capabilities in response to growing customer demand.

AGP’s Matt D’Auria explains: “AGP’s investment program has seen our fleet, workforce, and production capacity all increase as the demand for our services has grown. The investment in FIBA’s trailers is another step forward in that program.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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