Ultrasonic Examination (UE)

Ultrasonic Examination

FIBA is the industry leader in Ultrasonic Examination (UE) of high pressure cylinders and vessels. Also commonly known as Ultrasonic Testing (UT), FIBA UE has become the preferred method of cylinder requalification throughout the world and is encouraged by the U.S. DOT and Compressed Gas Association (CGA), as well as being referenced in numerous ISO standards. We have always pushed innovation in testing forward and, in 1993, FIBA was the first to receive a DOT exemption to use ultrasonic testing on cylinders. The benefits of UE over hydrostatic testing are significant and include:

  • Financial savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Enhanced safety
  • Maintenance of cylinder integrity

While UE has become the method of choice, customers and gas companies often have questions and we have provided some of the most standards questions and responses below: