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Tomco2 Systems and FIBA Technologies, Inc. formed a successful joint venture, FIBA-Tomco2, in 1997 to produce double-walled, vacuum insulated CO2 tanks. Tomco2 produces the inner pressure vessel and FIBA fabricates the outer vessel and installs the inner vessel in the outer vessel to complete the unit.

Jack Finn, President of FIBA Technologies: “The relationship between FIBA-Tomco2 has been a model for successful joint ventures where two companies, each with their own strengths, have worked cooperatively to maximize the synergies that exist between them. Tomco2’s existing customer base, coupled with its status as household name in CO2 storage (with the major bottlers, food-freezing and water treatment industries), has complimented FIBA’s presence and name recognition with key industrial gas and off-shore customers. But, probably, beyond each company’s contribution to the finished product, the single-most important factor to this successful partnership has been the ability of both strong and independent organizations to work in close harmony with a mutual respect for each other.”

Jack Toepke, President of Tomco2 Systems: “This relationship has allowed FIBA-Tomco2 to be of the world’s leading manufacturers, sellers, and lessors of VJ, CO2 storage and transportation equipment, including the stationary tanks and intermodal, ISO, portable tanks.”